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Clarksville Kickboxing

Strap on real gloves and have the time of your life punching and kicking your way to a fitter, slimmer, happier you.


We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

The funnest, most action-packed workout of your life. Guaranteed.

Kickboxing class FLIES by! Even though it's a full-hour, full-body workout... it goes by in a flash.

That's because almost nothing on this planet is as fun as punching and kicking the heck out of a heavy bag.

You'll feel like a total pro - and your body will transform fast.

Melt calories, burn fat, and tone muscle - from head to toe.

EVERY part of your body gets a workout in Kickboxing! That includes your arms, chest, stomach, hips, butt, thighs, and calves.

That means ALL your trouble spots won't trouble you for much longer! And every part of you will get stronger, leaner, and fitter.

In fact, you can burn up to 800 calories (or more) EVERY time you come! How awesome is that?

The Quick Way To Get Lean, Toned, Strong And Confident.

If you're looking for a REAL Challenge, our Fitness Kickboxing classes really bring the heat.

You'll get 60 minutes of sweat-pouring kicking, punching and striking combined with stress-busting drills that build strength and stamina.

This high-intensity training quickly burns major calories, shreds body fat and tones your whole body. If you want to see quick results, you'll LOVE our Kickboxing program!

Plus: you'll speed up your metabolism and continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after every workout!

It's Tough! Fun! and Addictive!

The physical and mental benefits of kickboxing are no longer a secret.

Many people come here for the health benefits of weight loss and stress relief. Others want to be stronger physically and mentally.

Our killer workouts sculpt your arm and leg muscles, abs, shoulders and glutes. In no time at all, you?ll start to feel stronger, empowered and confident.

But Kickboxing is more than just an awesome physical workout.

The mental workout you get while going through the various drills, routines, and different striking bags also improves your mental clarity, focus and discipline.

And you what happens when your body and mind are aligned?

Your spirit is unstoppable, and you enjoy a higher quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our members enjoy the group setting, but private sessions are available too, depending on instructor availability.
At peak times, there's between 15-30. Some times have more, some less. But we make sure to have enough instructors to match the class size. That way you always get the attention you need.

Our Members Speak Out

Life Changing Results

You'll Find The Guidance, Discipline, And Support You Need Right Here. Guaranteed.

If this turns out to not be the right program for you-we'll give you your money back so you can invest in another program to help you with your fitness and health goals.

no risk: 30-day money back